Almost Live – Day 1 Blog

Posted on February 16, 2018

By Eva Grein

Our trip began when we boarded the plane at around 8:30 a.m. and took off 30 minutes later. The plane ride was fun; we got to introduce ourselves to our neighbors.

Immediately after, we got to the La Guardia airport where we were already on the move. We hopped on the bus and went to the Orthodox Union offices in Manhattan and got some delicious cheesy pasta and salad. They explained to us the kosher laws of Judaism and told us a bit about what they do.

After that, we collected downstairs to walk to Ground Zero, the 9/11 memorial. There we met up with three NYPD officers and they told us their personal stories about 9/11. It was touching to hear their point of view on that tragic day. We ended the day by eating at Carlos and Gabby’s for dinner, and packing boxes for the needy in Queens. It was fun to connect with our group members and to help out.

Back at the hotel we got our roommates and unpacked. Everyone was tired and fell asleep in seconds. The first day was already very meaningful; listening to the police officers stories and learning about the kosher diet. We are looking forward to the rest of our stay!

Eva Grein is a freshman at Wheaton North High School in Naperville, IL. She enjoys tennis and dance. Her hobbies include painting, reading, and photography. She is very excited to be on this trip.