The Manny Gold A”H Fund

The Manny Gold A”H Fund was founded by friends of Manny Gold, a beloved former NCSYer who was known for his kindness to everyone, who passed away at a young age.

Since 2006 , The fund awards seniors in high school with a Siddur and either a Yarmulka (for boys) or Candle sticks (for girls) upon their “graduation” from NCSY.

To date, NCSY has given over 600 siddurim, 200 yarmulkas and 400 sets of candle sticks.

In addition to the above awards, the Manny Gold A”H fund also carries the prestigious “Lev Zahav” (Heart of Gold) award. The Lev Zahav is awarded every year to a deserving Senior who exemplifies Manny’s qualities of generosity of spirit. The Lev Zahav award is a monetary stipend towards studies in a post-high school Judaic Studies program. To date the Lev Zahav award has given $4000 in scholarship funds in memory of Manny.

It is our hope that through these awards the legacy of Manny Gold A”H will continue and shine as new NCSY alumni begin the next stage of their journey in their lives as Jewish leaders.

Below is a list of past Manny Gold Lev Zahav recipients:

’06 – Rena Rosen
’07 – Amanda Vilder
’08 – Nili Erlich
’09 – Molly Frank
’10 – Mazal Moria
’11-Molly Brakha
’12- Mimi Mechache
’13-Tamar Cohn

To donate to the Manny Gold fund click here or for more information on how you can be a part of Midwest NCSY please call 847-677-6279.