Planned Giving

Create your legacy with NCSY and invest in a strong jewish future.

Your thoughtful gift will have immeasurable long-term impact on individuals, communities, and the jewish people.

Your link in the chain

A legacy gift is not only about monetary assets.

It’s about the values and perspectives that you hold most dear. We invite you to forge your link in the chain, supporting and enhancing Jewish life worldwide.

With guidance and planning, you can help NCSY, increase your family’s financial security, and receive significant tax benefits.

Most Popular By far the most popular way to create your legacy, giving by will or trust is a simple way to help secure NCSY for generations to come.
Looking for a smart and tax-efficient way to help strengthen NCSY in their vital work?
When you create a charitable gift annuity with NCSY, you and/or a loved one receive guaranteed fixed quarterly payments for life.
Giving by endowment means that your gift is invested, with the annual income going to support the cause of your choice—every single year.

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You can give in many other ways, with maximum benefit to yourself and your family. Our planned giving advisor can help you decide on the best course of action for your unique circumstances.

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Meet your philanthropic goals and partner with NCSY's stellar planned giving team

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Our team will provide up-to-date guidance through the financial, technical, and legal aspects of creating your legacy.
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Paul Kaplan,

Your Interests Matter We help you create a legacy in a way that maximizes your tax savings and works in your and your family’s best interests while supporting the NCSY's vital mission.

Your Legacy Is Unique Whatever your financial situation, our planned giving team will work with you to find a creative and beneficial way to leverage your assets when creating your legacy.

Create Your Legal Will at No Cost We’ve partnered with freewill to help you create your legal will. it’s at no cost to you, and most people finish in 20 minutes or less.
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