Almost Live – Day 2 Blog

Posted on February 16, 2020

By Jacob Mall and Michael Siegel

Another fun-filled day on the books!

After having a good night’s sleep at the hotel we started our day on Friday with breakfast. From the hotel we traveled to Brooklyn and had a great time baking challah for Shabbat. Thank you to Nechama for welcoming us into her home to bake the challah. After leaving her house, we really understood a deeper meaning behind challah.

From there we took a walk to an all-kosher grocery store called “Pomegranate” where we were able to buy something special for ourselves to celebrate Shabbat. From the delicious bakery to the candy, there was something for everybody to enjoy. After walking and taking in Brooklyn, we stopped for some delicious New York-style bagels, a must while visiting New York.

Next we visited a well-known pizza parlor in the heart of Brooklyn for some delicious New York-style pizza.

After a full day, we returned to the hotel where we got ready to celebrate Shabbat. We had a wonderful evening together, with a candle lighting program and a wonderful Shabbat dinner. We had a meaningful experience, shared with the new friends we made.

We are looking forward to another great day in the Big Apple!

Jacob (l.) and Michael are sophomores at Highland Park High School.