Almost Live – Day 4 Blog

Posted on February 17, 2020

By Kate Shapiro

It was an incredible day four of Big Apple Adventure, and while we’re sad that this adventure is coming to an end, we have had the most amazing experience – and it is not over yet!

We started our day by visiting the Hatzalah headquarters where we listened to a speaker and gained insight on their mission. This volunteer-based organization has trained EMTs and ambulances to respond to emergencies around the community. They even respond faster than 911! I think it was really impactful to see the Jewish community in New York take action and help those around them.

We then rushed to see the Blue Man Group live. I have never seen this show before, and my first experience set the bar high. It was so cool and fun to watch with all of my friends.

After this, we volunteered our time to Yad Leah, an organization that collects lightly worn clothes and sends them to Israel for those who are less fortunate. We helped sort and pack clothes into boxes, and doing so allowed each of us to contribute to this amazing cause. It made me feel really good to help other Jews.

That night, we explored Times Square. It was crazy, crowded, fun, and everything else you would imagine it to be.

When we got back to the hotel, we had a song session and were able to reflect on our experience. I gained so much insight into myself as an individual and my connection to Judaism. I met so many new people who I learned so much from and I will never forget.

Thank you Big Apple Adventure for the most memorable weekend!

Kate Shapiro, far right, is a sophomore at Deerfield High School.