In Their Own Words – Lily

Posted on March 8, 2023

Lily Kurman is a junior at Wayzata High School. She, too, came back from the mission feeling grateful – and inspired to continue to make a difference.

“Seeing all of the tents that the homeless people lived in made me realize how fortunate I am,” she says. “This experience made me more aware of everything I have, and I what I can do to help others.”

Lily adds that spending Shabbat with her peers was another meaningful aspect of the trip.

“This trip made me become more aware of the meaning behind the practices that we do on Shabbat,” she says.

And Lily plans to take those lessons with her in the months to come.

”I learned a variety of different things about traditions, prayers and stories that I will keep with me as I go Israel this summer,” she says.