In Their Own Words – Nehama

Posted on January 27, 2022

Teens Share Their ‘Most Meaningful’ Houston Relief Mission Moments

For Nehama Kasynski, a junior at Deerfield High School, the best part of the trip was actually what she went home with.

She says there were many takeaways, and she  intends to incorporate the valuable lessons she learned into her everyday life.

What’s at the top of her list? Gratitude.

Nehama and other mission participants reflected on their experiences on the final day of the mission. Many of the teens said they now have greater compassion for the less fortunate, as well as a deeper appreciation for their own lives.

Bottom line: the teens are grateful to be on the giving, rather than the receiving, end.

“The most meaningful part of the trip was getting to learn about gratitude,” Nehama says, “and how [I can] use my time in an impactful and meaningful way.”