Midwest JSU trip

Posted on October 3, 2018

JSU trip to Tampa, Florida!!!

Presidents Day Weekend, Feb 14-18, 2019

Departures either Thursday evening or Friday morning, depending on location. Return Monday the 18th.

Only $475!!! Includes everything!

$200 non refundable deposit is required to register

Click here to register now!


Q: How much does this program cost?
A: All NCSY & JSU programs are highly subsidized. While the actual cost of a 5 day school break experience is over $900, all participants received a $425 subsidy.

Q: How will participants travel to Tampa?
A: The teens will travel via airplane as a group from their home city.

Q: Where will the teens be staying?
A: At a hotel in Tampa

Q: How will the teens be supervised?
A: The teens will be supervised at all times by Midwest NCSY staff. The trip will be led by your local JSU/NCSY Directors with support from several experienced, volunteer advisors.

Q: What kind of food will be served?
A: All meals and snacks will be fully kosher. We can also accommodate teens with allergies and other special dietary needs, including vegetarians.

Q: How will you accommodate those who have never experienced Shabbat before?
A: We will offer a traditional Shabbat experience to all participants and work to ensure that the atmosphere is sensitive to everyone. With the exception of Kabbalat Shabbat, all prayer services will be optional. In an effort to create a sense of community, teens will be asked to limit their public use of technological devices on Shabbat.

Midwest NCSY runs weekend conventions throughout the year that are attended by teens of diverse backgrounds who celebrate Shabbat in different ways, or who don’t celebrate Shabbat at all. On this program, as on all our conventions, we will ensure that participants at all levels of observance are not only comfortable, but feel included in all aspects of the program.


For more information, contact your local JSU Advisor

Chicago- Brittney Worch worchb@ncsy.org
Northshore (Chicago suburbs)- Rabbi Jeremy Schaechter schaechterj@ncsy.org
Kansas – Rabbi Nati Stern nstern@ncsy.org
Memphis- Jamie Gibber   gibberj@ncsy.org
Minneapolis- Rabbi Tzvi Kupfer kupfert@ncsy.org
St Louis – Rabbi Mike Rovinsky rovinskym@ncsy.org
                   Sam Zitin    zitins@ncsy.org
                   Rabbi Yitzchak Staum rys@ncsy.org