Our Take – Day 4 Blog

Posted on February 19, 2018

By Ben Zygman


Yesterday as we piled into the room for breakfast, we went over the day’s plans, which sounded amazing. As we boarded the buses for Universal Studios, everyone was excited to finally go and see what it had to offer. I think I’m speaking for everyone by saying it was an amazing and really fun experience to get to roam the grounds of Universal Studios. Halfway through the experience, we stopped for a good lunch, after which we kept on exploring.

After Universal Studios we took a bus ride back to the hotel. We had some free time and then some dinner, the last dinner that all of us would be having together on the trip. After we finished eating dinner, we all sat in a large circle on the floor with a smaller circle and tea candles in the middle. Rabbi Yitz and Levi sat in the middle, too.

We all began to sing songs. Everyone got a chance to say what they liked about the trip, and how this trip impacted their relationship to Judaism. All of the experiences that people had to share were positive and amazing experiences that many won’t forget. This was an amazing experience for me because it meant so much to me, as well as others, and it is something that we all have in common, our Judaism.

This morning we packed up and departed for Rodeo Drive. We walked around there, met some celebrities, and had a really good time. We then went to the West Coast NCSY Office for lunch and departed for the airport.

This trip was amazing! I made so many new friends and connected with great advisors and staff members. I can’t wait to hopefully reunite soon!

Ben Zyman, center, is a sophomore at Niles North High School in IL.

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