‘Throughout It All, NCSY & JSU Were There for Us’

Posted on June 27, 2024

North Shore NCSY & JSU held a moving End-of-Year event for teens, parents and community members on June 3 at the Bernard Wenger JCC in Northbrook IL.

Chapter Presidents Olivia Shor and Daniella Zavlin opened the evening, describing how NCSY & JSU has gone above and beyond to support and guide teens across Chicagoland since Oct 7th.

“Through it all, NCSY & JSU were there for us,” Olivia said. “They provided us with the tools so we can navigate life while learning from our past, celebrating our traditions and making our Judaism relevant for each one of us, no matter the background.”

At the event, North Shore NCSY & JSU also honored its graduating seniors, as well as Ms. Jodi Alperstein, the ETHS Israel Club teacher sponsor, for over 10 years of dedication to JSU’s teens.

Michelle Bernstein, parent of Deerfield senior Marisa Bernstein, talked about her daughter’s experiences with NCSY and on TJJ in Israel. She urged audience members to give generously to support NCSY/JSU.

“If someone were to ask me, looking back what was the best decision you ever made for your daughter, Marisa,” Michelle said, “without hesitation, I would say it was sending her to Israel with NCSY. It truly was a life-changing experience for Marisa. Going to Israel with Rabbi Jeremy and his amazing group of advisors has instilled Marisa with an indisputable love for Israel and pride to be Jewish.”

The evening ended with a unique musical presentation by Ilan Brownstein, an America’s Got Talent contestant, who showcased his Beatboxing talents.