Almost Live 2019 – Day 3 Blog

Posted on February 17, 2019

By Isabelle Mollet

This week we had a great Shabbat experience. We started it off on Friday night with a service called kabalat shabbat. We welcomed shabbat and ate some really good challah ! We heard from our speaker Jamie Lassner about his experience with 9/11. It was really inspiring for all of us.

We started off Saturday morning with some prayers and meditation at a service called shacharit. After, we discussed what it means to be a hero, and how you can use your talents and good traits to help people in the world. It was also truly inspiring.

After some rest time we had another service called Havdalah, which was a beautiful closing to Shabbat. We learned some new songs and danced around. We heard from our speaker Jamie Lassner again and had a chance to ask questions, and we learned that we can make change in the world and we are the voice of our generation.

After Havdalah we went to Rockefeller center and went ice skating, which was really fun.

I’ve had a amazing trip so far and this has been a great experience. I’ve met new people and explored all around New York. I’ve explored my Jewish identity and felt even more connected to Judaism. I can’t wait to do even more !!!

Isabelle, right, is a 9th grader at Niles North. 


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