Almost Live – Day 2 Blog

Posted on February 18, 2018

By Maddie DeGraff

Today we started off the day with a nutritious breakfast – donuts!!! After that, we got on the bus and headed to Brooklyn. The first thing we did was make challah! It was so cool to make it, and the host was super nice. While making it, she also explained to us the origin of challah.

While the challahs were baking, we went to a supermarket and shopped for food for Shabbat. All the food reminded me of Israel because it was all kosher and some of it was in Hebrew! It was so cool to see all the types of food, and  crazy to think that we were still in New York!

It was also amazing to see the large Jewish community. There aren’t that many Jewish people where I live in Naperville.

Looking forward to Shabbat!

Maddie DeGraff, far left, is a freshman at Metea Valley High School in IL. She is taking lots of hard classes at Metea, has joined many clubs, and is a member of the swim and water polo team.

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