Almost Live 2019 – Day 4 Blog

Posted on February 18, 2019

By Matthew Greenberg

Our day started off with breakfast and then we boarded the bus. Little did we know we were going axe throwing, which was really fun. (Yes, it was safe!)  Also, we were surprised to find out that we were going that evening to the Orthodox wedding of Jeremy’s friend.

After axe throwing, we visited Hatzalah where we heard from an EMT and got to go in an ambulance. All of us then went to Times Square and split into groups based on what we wanted to do. We got to see the ball that you see on New Year’s Eve, and we shopped. One group even bought dress clothes for the wedding.

Then we went to help the less fortunate in Israel by volunteering at Yad Leah. This activity was really fun and meaningful. Best of all was the wedding. It was amazing, and everyone got to experience what an Orthodox wedding looked like.

Matthew, right, is a sophomore at Buffalo Grove High School 

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